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Just Get Started - February 23rd 2023

I think this will be my second time trying to crack TikTok and at least my 4th or 5th attempt to find people to help on Instagram. If you bring a friend to my gym I have no doubt I will over-deliver on everything he or she needs; on social media I am just a voice trying to scream a little louder than the other voices. It feels like a battle I can’t win and eventually I give in.

I was scrolling a Reddit thread of the geriatric ward of fitness (30 plus), and I noticed a lot of people stressing over the best way to get back in the gym after 5 or 10 years of letting their fitness take a back seat to other priorities. People were asking for advice the best split to follow, how many days they need to commit to, what the perfect nutritional protocol is, the optimal amount of cardio etc. I just kept thinking none of that matters; get into the gym and do something, anything. Spend a month making a habit of going to the gym 2-4 days per week and then start to figure out what kind of program to get on. It doesn’t matter what you do in that first month. Some of these old-heads had spent 2 weeks just agonizing over the best way to get started, two weeks of sitting around on Reddit instead of just getting into the gym.

I spent an hour this morning stressing out over what I need to do to standout on the social channels. I spent two days earlier this week finding other stuff to do just so I had an excuse not to post anything. I did the same thing last week. I think I have posted once in two weeks on Instagram and I think my last TikTok post was a few days before that. But don’t worry, I have been spending my time perfecting the perfect strategy. Sound Familiar? It took me until today to realize how all this time stressing about how to standout would have been much better spent just posting and adjusting.

I never really understood the mindset of waiting until you had the perfect set up to get something started until this morning. It is stressful. You are starting something new and you want to make sure you are doing it right, you probably also want to avoid looking like an idiot. I guess there is no perfect. You just have to get started. Your goal the first month should be to create the habit of going 2-4 times per week, each week. Once the habit sticks, then you can figure out what kind of program you want to be on. I guess I will follow my own advice and just post content regularly and make habit the goal. Just get started.

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