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10 Thoughts - November 19th 2021

  1. My son was born and my eating habits went completely off the rails. It’s usually not that difficult to get back on track but it’s been tough this time around. I won’t allow myself to fall off to this degree again. Btw, it’s been an incredible 6 months.
  2. My only daily non-negotiable is getting enough protein. Same total from the same foods. That might sound boring but I don’t have to think about it.
  3. Knowing where my calories stand after the protein lets me fill the rest of my calories with whatever I want. I keep it healthy for the most part but if something comes up and my only options are burgers and fries, I know I have the room for them.
  4. I get bored with high rep sets. Give me a 10 rep set where I feel like I might die during the last 3 reps. The key is to push your sets close to failure.
  5. You should train as hard as you can sleep. If you are regularly sleeping 7/8 hours per night you can probably push pretty hard and recover. If you are closer to 5/6 hours per night you should probably pull back a little more.
  6. Mental health is important. You put the hours in at the gym, might not be a terrible idea to put in some time on someone’s couch.
  7. The competitive schedule on young athletes is a little ridiculous. I’m hearing from kids who aren’t excited to start their high school seasons due to burnout from travel. It’s too much.
  8. If you want to know how complicated sprinting can be consider the fact that in order for a stride to be maximally efficient your rib cage and your pelvis should be perfectly aligned and your feet need to be strong enough to withstand the pressure created by the hip when it strikes the ground or the brain, sensing the potential for foot injury, will actually decrease the amount of force the hip can generate.
  9. Athletes need 2-3 months per year purely dedicated to speed, strength, agility and power. It will give them a break from their sports, boost the underlying abilities that will help them display their skills on the field and cut down on overuse injures.
  10. The Christmas season starts AFTER Thanksgiving.

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