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10 Thoughts - March 27th 2019

1) Not everything needs to be a barbell lift. I love squats and deadlifts but I also use heavy ass sled pushes and drags as maximum effort lower body exercises. Heavy sled work involves similar levels of upper body tension and bracing while also reducing stress on your lower back. Try 4 to 5 sets of heavy sled pushes, focusing on covering as much ground as possible in ten steps (5 on each leg) on your next leg day instead of some heavy squats or deads. 

2) Do you recover like a 107 year old? Try purging some social media from your life. I am currently on day 2 of a soft Instagram purge and an all out assault-purge on twitter. I wanted to be more “there” in social situations and I also wanted less distractions while growing my business. A pleasant side effect of avoiding my screen in the 90 minutes or so before bed has been an increased sense of restful sleep. It might just be a placebo effect or I might actually be on to something. 

3) If you don’t know how many calories you need to be eating to gain muscle/shed bodyfat you really shouldn’t expect much from the diet you are on. It is similar to driving your car down the parkway while playing Birdbox with your two children, girl and boy. Also, what would have happened there were 3 boys or 4 girls? 

4) Agility is more about efficient movement rather than fast movement. For movement to be efficient the athlete must know how to accelerate (most don’t), where to position their feet during transition movements (most don’t) and how to apply force to ground (most don’t). 

5) Once athletes know how to efficiently move in all directions, speed of movement can be enhanced. Movement skills first. This is the working model I’m using. 

6) Upper back strength is very important regardless of your goals. I am currently ending every workout with two sets of 20 reps of an inverted row. It sucks so far.

7) I just learned about a program known as 1 x 20. The general idea is that you only need one set of 20 reps of an exercise. Each workout could contain as many as 20 total exercises. I like this as it allows you to train with many different ranges of motion and various directions. This is also a great way to strengthen the joints. I’m not ready to abandonMy current training methods, but I might sprinkle in some ideas from this into my programming. I have to read a little bit more about 1 x 20 first. 

8) For any of you trainers out there, you should know that your clients pay you to NOT listen to them!

9) The glutes e-book is coming, I swear. I’m just dragging my feet.

10) If you’re having pain in your shoulders, traps or upper back, you might have tight pecs and shoulders. Given the crappy posture most of us hang all day long, it’s probably more common than you would think. 


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