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How To Train Like A Savage - January 5th 2023

What it means to train like a savage and how everyone can do it regardless of gender, age, ability or goals.

When someone says they train like a savage I typically lose interest in the conversation and begin thinking of creative ways to get the f*ck out of there. My favorite involves an angry kitten, a half used roll of duct tape and a foreign accent. Generally, when you hear train like a savage you think of some dude in a tank top making all kinds of noise while he pumps out rep after rep with awful technique. That’s not savagery, that’s just being obnoxious.

True savages train with intent and focus. They are mentally locked in on performing each rep with high quality technique, the right amount of weight, and the right amount of reps. They don’t yell or scream, but they do push each set to that sweet spot between not enough effort and risking injury.

You probably don’t recognize all of the savages in your gym. The 25 year-old woman quietly rowing a 50lbs DB is a savage. The 40 year-old overweight dude pushing himself on a set of leg extensions is a savage. Anyone who is dialed in and focused on getting the most out of each set is a freaking savage.

Here is how you can train like a savage. Lets say you are doing 3 sets of an exercise, set 1 will be about feeling the weight you are using. If it feels a little light, add some weight for the second set, if it feels just right, stick with it for set 2. Be brutally honest with yourself here, don’t just leave the weight as is because you are feeling lazy and don’t go heavier just because you want to go heavier. The second set is your first real work set and you will push this set close to failure. When it starts to get tough, that’s where you need to block everything else out and push yourself. The technique needs to be solid. The only thing on your mind is can I get another good rep. Quietly put the weights down, rest, and repeat.

This is how you train 95% of the time. Take a set to feel where you are on a given day and then push yourself for the last 2 sets. This is how you train like a savage. This is how YOU can train like a savage.

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