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The (sometimes) Top 5 (sometimes more) Of The Week 6/28 - June 28th 2020

 *How can you be fast in the gym but slow on the field?

 It is easy to sprint in the gym. It isn’t complicated to sprint with a sled attached to your shoulders. There isn’t much anxiety in rehearsing knee drive. You don’t need too much situational awareness to attempt a new 10-yard sprint PR. Some of the top sprinters in the world set records in a relaxed emotional state.

 Game speed involves a tactical and situational understanding of your surroundings. You have parents, coaches, teammates, opponents and sideline warriors screaming at you. Anxiety can through the roof. These factors will make it difficult to express your true speed.

 This is why speed training is so important to all athletes. If you master acceleration and deceleration mechanics in the gym you will naturally move efficiently on the field. If we raise your maximum speed, your sub-max speed (your default game speed) will rise as well, making you faster on the field. Spend a few months each year improving your sprinting speed, your game speed will thank you!

 *How much variety do we need in our diet? You shouldn’t perform the exact same training program day after day yet we tend to eat the same foods day after day. Part of this reliance is based on the convenience; you know how many calories you are consuming and there is little guesswork in food prep when you eat the same foods over and over again. But I wonder if the nutritional benefit becomes blunted a bit after awhile. Might be something to consider.

*Winning nutritional strategy involves consistency, discipline, and indulgence. I’ve seen too many failed dieters who sign up for a plan that involves 100 percent discipline and an absurdly low calorie limit. you know how the story goes; you stick to the plan for four weeks, you lose 8 pounds, you have one slip up and you find yourself in the midst of a 6 month donut binge.

Set a calorie range, decide what you will indulge in and figure out how to be disciplined the rest of the time. That’s it. That’s all there is to it. Programs that require 100% discipline on sub 1200 cal plans will provide immediate results, but you’ll be right back where you started in 2-4 months.

*If you want a big bench press, you need strong triceps. I wish I had known this in high school. The chest gets the credit as the “Bench Press Muscle” but it’s the triceps that drive world records. Score one for the bros who like to train arms.

*The great “Specialization vs Multi Sport Participation” debate.  Should you specialize in one sport or should you play multiple sports to maximize athleticism? In my opinion, do whatever the hell you want.

Can you improve if you play 1 sport 24/7 x 365? Yes, provided you are actively seeking out ways to improve. Can you improve if you play multiple sports throughout the year? Yes, provided you put some extra time into your main sport, the dexterity you develop from picking up multiple sport skills can have a huge carryover to your sport.

You have to figure out what keeps your motivational fires stoked. What works for Lebron, Russell Wilson, Alexander Ovechkin and Megan Rapinoe might not be what works for you. 

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