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Quality vs Trash - November 23rd 2019

So, I guess ill start writing again.

The workout routine boils down to a cup of celery juice at 7 am followed by a hot yoga routine with the heat cranked up to “extreme” levels. No real rationale behind the extreme heat outside of the need to be extreme. 

My first instinct is to rip this whole thing to shreds using some colorful language and graphic imagery. Maybe it’s the fact that I am aging (maturing), but instead of that, I want to take the time to explain why none of this makes sense and I’ll also give you some insight into what separates a quality fitness influencer from a fugazi. (look it up)

Celery juice does nothing more for you than a glass of water would. A glass of green water might be a better option than a can of soda, but don’t go mixing up a gallon of celery juice thinking it will shrink your waistline. (I am not judging, when I was in high school, I used to set an alarm for 3 am so I could down a protein shake because I believed the only way to gain muscle was to eat every couple hours). Skip the celery juice and drink water or sip on a protein shake if you are training early.

The main problem I have with her hot yoga routine is the lack of why.  There is no study that shows extreme heat yoga burns more calories than strength training, or jogging or scratching your butt. Call me boring, but I would prefer to understand what my workouts are doing for me. There has to be a why for everything you do if your training motivation is to accomplish something. Just being “extreme” doesn’t do much for you.

I give the author of this article credit because she offers up the opinions of a few fitness professionals who go on to discredit these methods. I would have much less of an issue with “fitness influencers” if the crap they put out to the masses was critiqued by true fitness professionals in the same media. Sadly, we all know that will never happen.

Before you click away, give me just a few more minutes to give you an idea of how to tell a true fitness professional from a weasel with a six pack.

Experience is important. They should look the part but he or she should also have documented experience working with people just like you. Does that guy have testimonials from satisfied clients? Does that women have experience training busy moms who have access to the gym 3 days per week and 25 other responsibilities throughout the day or does she only have experience training movie stars who can live in the gym while prepping for a role? If he or she does not have experience working with people like you, move on!

There should always be a why. I can speak truthfully when I say that every single exercise in my programs has a purpose. Training programs should be written up with efficiency and purpose in mind. If the guy or woman you are following cannot provide some reason for why an exercise or a method is used, move along!

They should always, always be willing to answer questions without asking for payment. You should be able to ask your fitpro a question and expect an honest, well thought out answer. I have DMed (how do we spell that) some of the most successful fitness professionals in the industry and I have always received a helpful response, and we are talking about people who do not have time to sit around playing games. If you send a DM and the recipient ignores your question, asks for compensation or gives you a meaningless response, move on!

The internet is saturated with fitness influencers. It can be a daunting task to separate the legit from the trash but it can be done. Take the time and do a little research, ask a couple questions and it will become clear to you who you can 

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