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Heisler Training Systems

Heisler Training Systems is a private training facility located in Clermont, Middle Township. At Heisler Training Systems we recognize each athlete and client are individuals with specific needs and goals. We bridge the gap between you and your goals by creating a personalized plan for success.

Speed Kills; How We Train for Speed

Strength: Speed is all about how much force your legs and hips can produce. Force is what propels your body further forward on each stride of a sprint. The stronger your hips and legs, the more force you are capable of producing.

This allows the athlete to cover more ground per stride. To improve your body’s ability to produce force, we train our athletes to improve their relative strength.

Explosive Strength - To be fast, you have to train fast! Your nervous system can be fast or slow. The fastest athletes on the planet have very fast nervous systems. The faster your nervous system,the more muscle your body can use instantly for a given task. At Heisler Training Systems, we train our athletes to have explosive nervous systems. We utilize a variety of jumps, throws and sprints to develop this explosive ability. Our methods are backed by my 8 years in the strength training industry.

Flexibility: Energy leaks occur when an athlete’s body is not flexible enough to properly utilize strength and power. Some of the energy and force an athlete generates for a specific task, such as sprinting, is lost in the body due to a lack of flexibility. No athlete will reach their true speed potential if their body is so tight and restricted that the athlete cannot complete a full range of motion. For this reason, we prioritize flexibility.
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